Monday, 14 June 2010

Like No Other

It is one of those days in which things in the Middle East heat up. As usual, so many people die, so many suffer and so many lose their beloved ones. Things are so quiet in here, the orphanage. The winter is so cold; I know that it is so hot in Gaza.

I have been living here as long as I can remember and that applies to most of the children. There are new children who join us from time to time. Noor is the newest girl. She is very calm and never talk. I went to visit her. She seemed to be waiting for me. She gave me her diary again without even looking at me. I started reading from where I stopped last night.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd Anniversary: 20100102: 2008 is not the only year of achievements!

Since some time back, I am used to design a greeting for the New Year. This time, I had to focus on my Financial and Management Accounting assignment. I have been also thinking of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of my blog "The Love of the 'e' Prefix", probably with a nice design since I am pretty good at that. Being under pressure to finish my assignment and due to other commitments, I decided to postpone that and write this short post.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Marketing on the Internet

To my best friend who has always encouraged me to write.

Why do people buy computers? It is not only about computing anymore; it is more about surfing the internet and becoming part of a world of no boundaries, that is the cyberspace.  The behavior of consumers is changing and people are moving online for most of their activities. The internet is a medium with unique features that make it very different from other traditional media. The world is changing so fast and we need to keep up.

Statistics show that the number of internet subscribers has increased by 719.7 % in 10 years!!! (From 183 million in 1998 to 1.5 billion in 2008). No wonder marketers have passion for the internet.

Monday, 6 April 2009

The Internet and You.

"The Internet", a virtual place where data packets cross the globe in a blink of an eye providing seamless communication between us. It is a big word in a small world… it has made the world smaller in its own way. We are different in the way we look at the internet. A big network made up of so many cables, routers, servers, client computers, wave links, and you name it, or simply a source of information, or another way of communication and social relations, or a good place to find people to rob, or a tremendous place where so many data is exchanged in seconds carried by IP data packets through TCP/IP suite of protocols, or… why don't you tell us what you think of the internet?

Saturday, 3 January 2009

E-Security Concern

It was at night. Everyone at the house was busy with something. Mom was cooking dinner. The oldest brother was still at work, he usually comes late. The older sisters were still at Uni. Mohammed was studying hard as he was in the 12th grade. Dad was out of the house visiting Uncle Ahmed. Sara was reading the newspaper and Abdulrahman was playing XBOX 360. Everything looked old in the living room except for the XBOX 360. All were sitting on an old mat.

"Internet pirates find new ways to deceive people" Sara said as she was reading the newspaper.
"I cannot believe that there are people who spend their time doing such things", commented Abdulrahman as he was pressing the buttons of the XBOX 360 controller.
"There are always good and bad people" said Sara.
"I am losing faith on the Internet although it has great benefits and made the world smaller than the small café across the street", said Abdulrahman.
He added: "I don’t know why make the buzz about E-Commerce and E-Government when we cannot be sure that transactions are secure."

Saturday, 8 November 2008

It is the I.N.F.O Overload

This post is dedicated to the person who encouraged me to write and to those who work hard, tackling so many issues at work and in their lives. We should remember that "many of the great achievements were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working".

It is the information age. Probably the name speaks for itself, though it is important to remind ourselves that all the developments in technology have been built around the input, processing, storage and output of information! Who consumes the information? The answer is YOU.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

The Next Generation ...

Arwa (1 yr & 9 months) is my youngest sister; the difference between Arwa and all of us (her siblings) is that we had a computer before she was born. One day after launch, I was relaxing at home. Arwa came with a flash disk, she asked me to go with her to the computer and she was trying to plug the flash disk in the USB port. I was thinking… she knows a flash disk when she sees one… really nice. She also likes playing with the CD ROM and she tries to insert CD’s in it.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

I am an achiever !

Today I am writing about my experience in the BizPro young achievers awards 2008. I was nominated by my company (Omania E-Commerce) along with 114 people from different organizations in Oman. We had to undergo a management aptitude test. The test had different sections in which our math, extract and reasoning, vocal, and management knowledge and skills were tested. 12 people qualified to the final stage. I was a finalist. We had to talk about "Personal Development and Career Advancements". We presented to jury of different high profile corporate leaders in Oman.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Does your website AIPD?

Your website is online. You expect people to visit your website, fair enough. Is that it? The answer is no. The website is not there to provide information only, although this is one of the main objectives. The question is how do you make your website strategically contribute in achieving the overall organisation's marketing objectives and get the website to pay for itself?

Monday, 31 December 2007

Welcome to the eWorld

Finally, I started my blog. Well, sometimes I get the feeling of writing about a topic. I get so excited and I say to myself that I am gonna write. I end up writing nothing. This is a serious step to change. I want to document my thoughts that I think are important, so others get to know about them.

Four years in Australia taught me a lot about life, different cultures, different people and most importantly that the world is no more a small village, it is now a small cafe. Yes, the world is so small. The development in technology made the difference in few years. The network of networks changed the way we perceive things, learn and most importantly live. It has become so essential and part of life.